What's on Tap at 
Butte Brewing Co.

We have a great collection of beers on tap including well-known favorites, seasonal selections and our newest creations. Take a look below to see our current list, and join us soon to taste for yourself.


OreDigger Ale

4.5% ABV 19 IBU

Known around the BBC as a ‘starter’ beer. Our blonde is low on malt and hop character, it’s light on the palette and leaves no aftertaste. This is a great beer for people new to craft brewing or for taking on a fishing trip on the Big Hole.


4.8% ABV 19 IBU

Our light bodied and lightly hopped beer is aged in s cabernet wine barrel for 3 months. The beer lends itself to oak and wine notes, and has some light characteristics of a sour beer.

Honey Cream Ale

4.9% ABV 21 IBU

Having slightly more non-fermentable sugar than the blonde and 100 pounds of locally sourced, pure Montana honey, this beer has just a little more body and a lot more sweetness. It’s a fine, easy drinking brew.

Haul Truck Hefeweizen

5.1% ABV 28 IBU

Light and almost sweet, the refreshing crispness of our hefeweizen will allow your taste buds to by hauled away.  Our open pit mining-inspired brew implements Centennial and Willamette hops in its recipe to bring you a bold and prominent citrus flavor that is clean and floral.  Lemons and oranges compliment this brew.

Nelson Pale Ale

5.1% ABV 48 IBU

Our spin on a beer staple, we dry hop a balanced pale ale with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. It’s a refreshing brew that will keep you happy and hoppy all day.

Off Your Rachor Pale Ale

6.0% ABV 45 IBU

Our spin on a beer staple, we dry hop a balanced pale ale. It's a refreshing brew that will keep you happy and hoppy all day.

Pug Mahon's IPA

6.7% ABV 70 IBU

Deep golden/light amber color, our newest IPA is rich in caramel sweetness to help balance the fruity Mosaic hops. Heady aromas of citrus and tropical fruit are the result of focusing on Mosaic hops. Quite drinkable, in part due to the balancing act of malt complexity and enormous Mosaic hop character.

Big Butte IPA

6.7% ABV 67 IBU

Brewed with a 2-row barely, and a touch of caramel, the beer has a moderate malty backbone. The generous addition of chinook, centennial, and simcoe hops gives this beer a pronounced hop profile without excessive bitterness.

Old #1 IPA

7.0% ABV 76 IBU

A fruity, balanced IPA that’s packed with Chinook, Centennial, Simcoe, and Citra hops. Smooth on the tongue and leaving a light hoppy aftertaste, Ole #1 goes down easy.

Green Monster IPA

7.1% ABV 101 IBU

A hop blasted IPA that takes it to the limit. This Hop Bomb is slammed with Chinook, Centennial, Simcoe, and Citra hops. We like to call it Old #1 IPA’s Big Bad Brother.

Eureka Amber

6.4% ABV 22 IBU

A malt forward beer with subtle sweetness and notes of caramel and chocolate. The low bitterness and mild hop balance makes this a smooth drinking beer. The beer was named after a beer which was brewed by the Butte Brewing Co. in the early 1900’s.

Butte Irish Red

6.0% ABV 30 IBU

Sweet, spicy, malty, and biscuity, are just a few of the things you’ll taste in this red. We aged this brew twice as long as normal to create the deep flavor profile that can only be found in beers with large amounts of Marris Otter malt from England. The Red, as it’s called around the BBC, is a house favorite.

Rye Amber Ale

6.3% ABV 27.6 IBU

We swapped out 200 pounds of base malt for rye in this brew. The rye gives this brew slightly more body than regular amber and a unique aftertaste found only in beers with rye malt. Nutty, malty, and smooth, this amber is bound to satisfy.

Sweet Stout

5.6% ABV 30 IBU

Sometimes called a cream or milk stout, once obscure in the United States, this style is experiencing a comeback. Light on your palette with notes of chocolate, coffee, and a sweet finish, this beer will surprise you in good ways.

Dublin Gulch Porter

6.0% ABV 40 IBU

Big on chocolate roasted malt, plus a solid body, this brew is great for when a light beer just isn’t enough. With more taste and a higher ABV, robust porters are a step above regular porters.

NeverSweet Barrel Aged

5.6% ABV 30 IBU

Working with Head Frames Spirits, we took our sweet stout, and aged it in their Neversweat Bourbon Whiskey Barrel, to give it a unique local charm. Light on your pallet with notes of sweet chocolate and coffee, all wrapped in a bourbon finish. Have one any you'll soon find why everyone asks the Neversweet by name!

New England IPA

6.7% ABV 74 IBU

Mountain Haze is an intense, tropical fruit, hop aroma and flavor, is heavily dry hopped to the point of being hazy, and that has a fuller body and smoother flavor. Hopped with Azacca, Citra, El Dorado, and Mosaic hops.

Checo Root Beer (Non-Alcoholic)


Honoring the roots of Butte Brewing Co., still to this day we continue the brewing tradition of Checo Root beer. The Checo Root Beer helped Butte Brewing Co. survive through prohibition. Made with the purest and freshest ingredients, this crowd favorite is a great Non-alcoholic beverage, enjoyed by all ages. Take apart in a bit of Butte history, and enjoy a cold refreshing, Butte Brewing Co. Checo Root Beer.

Butte Bock Lager

5.1% ABV 21 IBU

Complex, rich maltiness is dominated by the toasty-rich flavor. Low caramel notes are balanced with hops to support the malt flavors, allowing a bit of sweetness to linger into the finish. A clean profile, with a slight dark fruit character. This old "Butte America" standard is handcrafted to please any palate.

Berry Cream Ale

4.9% 21 IBU

Brewed with honey malts and adding fresh raspberry, blackberry and blueberry preservatives, this cream ale has a full body flavor and a lot more sweetness. It is our new favorite easy drinking summer brew.