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  • Taylor Olson

Top 5 Montana Craft Beers For Winter 2021

They say beer keeps us warm in the cold right? Well.. whether that's actually true or not, Winter is right around the corner for us MT folk. So, I want to introduce to you the top 5 Montana craft beers that will hit the spot this upcoming winter!

1. Chompin' At The Pit Cherry Porter - Ruby Valley Brewing Company (Sheridan, MT)

This American Porter made with some delicious cherry goodness is just what everybody wants on a cold snowy day. You'd think that this Porter would have a strong hit with cherry flavor but surprisingly it is just that perfect subtleness that makes you want more and more.

2. Sleepy Joe Coffee IPA - Draught Works Brewing Company (Missoula, MT)

In need of coffee but also in need of a beer? This is the PERFECT beverage if you're game for both! Draught Works Coffee IPA is like no other. They use local ground coffee extract to make this masterpiece.. and certainly did it well. Once you taste it, you won't be able to go back to any other Coffee IPA.

3. Honey Cream Ale - Butte Brewing Company (Butte, MT)

A cream ale that is very light and has just a little pinch of that honey goodness, is a beer that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world! The trend of drinking dark beer in the winter is just so yesterday ya know? Slamming a Butte Brewing Cream Ale outside before any winter activities is the way to go!

4. Shady New England IPA - Kettlehouse Brewing Company (Missoula, MT)

If we are talking about a smooth rollin' hazy, juicy, and fruity IPA than this is it! Bringing a growler of this bad boy on your future adventures should be first on your list. It just goes down so easy!

5. Stump Town Scottish Ale - Smelter City Brewing (Anaconda, MT)

This scotch ale is a fantasticly smooth, yet dangerously drinkable beer! This dark brew is the PERFECT thing after a long cold day up at the ski hill. Come and get this delicious gem!

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